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Teagan Appleby: 8-year-old woman who suffers as much as 300 seizures each day seeks usage of cannabis oil

Teagan Appleby from Milner Crescent, in Aylesham, is definitely a girl that is 8-year-old has one of many UK’s worst instances of epilepsy.

Your ex possesses uncommon chromosomal abnormality called Isodicentric 15. Her condition has additionally progressed to a form that is severe of called Lennox-Gastaut problem.

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Teagan suffers as much as 300 seizures per and is wheelchair-bound day. And recently, she had required life-saving treatment five times in just an eight-day duration.

Your ex takes two forms of daily medicine, which, for some instances, are utilized just as rescue medication to prevent a patient’s death. (далее…)