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Russian Presidential Hopeful Desires To Legalize Cannabis; Says Weed is A lot better than Vodka

Russia’s left-wing presidential candidate Ksenia Anatolyevna Sobchak is calling for the legalization of cannabis in the nation.

Sobchak, that is a journalist, television anchor, socialite, actress, and former truth television celebrity, said http://cbdoilmarkets.net/ that cannabis is safer than vodka. Vodka, the alcohol of preference among Russians, has generated a national wellness crisis. According up to a research posted in 2014, Russia has very high prices of early deaths and that a check out the outside factors that cause these deaths has generated an association with extortionate vodka usage.

Sobchak stated she just will not understand just why consuming huge amounts of vodka sometimes appears as a practice that is normal Russia but making use of cannabis is not whenever the latter has less effects. (далее…)