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Kyrgyzstan Ladies Fight to get rid of Bride Kidnapping

BISHKEK, KYRGYZSTAN — Walking proudly down a catwalk, the lights and glamour appeared like an eternity away from Elzat Kazakbaeva’s nightmare ordeal 5 years ago whenever she had been grabbed down a Kyrgyzstan road by a small grouping of males attempting to marry her to an uninvited suitor.

Kazakbaeva is regarded as several thousand girl abducted and obligated to marry every year into the previous republic that is soviet Central Asia where bride kidnappings carry on, especially in rural areas.

Bride kidnapping, that also happens in countries like Armenia, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan, ended up being outlawed in 2013 in Kyrgyzstan where authorities respected it may result in marital rape, domestic physical violence, and mental traumatization. (далее…)